Ireland Tour Blog: Days Off!

by Nikki Hoffpauir

Ireland Tour Caves 1

The last two days in Galway were off days for us. Some people stayed close and wandered the city. Others chose to take day trips.

About 7 of us went to the Cliffs of Mohar, near Burren, just an easy hour bus ride away from Galway in County Clare. One of the stops that you could add to the tour was the Aillwee Caves, so of course three of us popped in to spelunk. Although not the greatest of pictures, this should give you some idea of the underground beauty. There’s an underground river that floods when it rains, bear bones, and a lovely underground waterfall. It was discovered in the 40s but not opened to the public until the 70s, so seemed a bit untouched. (Well, except for the wifi there. Just like the cavefolks used to do it, I guess…)

Ireland Tour Caves 2

I will say, this is on our short list of places to hole up in case the zombie apocalypse happens.

Then on to the ClIreland Tour Cliffs 2iffs. Clearly being young, devil-may-care Americans, the warning signs meant little—in fact, many we read to be “Don’t kick the wall” rather than “don’t climb the wall.” So, up and over to the edge of the world we went. And it really did feel like you were looking at the edge of the world, the way the ground dropped off into the water.

Ireland Tour Cliffs 3The weather was Irish overcast, and a light rain started just as we hit the cliffs, but it only added to the atmosphere. The mist coming up off the water, the light fog rolling in, mixed with the green of the pastures behind us—it just, well, was amazingly breathtaking. And a bit scary for the stage manager going along, picturing an actor plunging over the cliffs while trying to take that perfect shot.

The Cliffs might look familiar to fans of The Princess Bride…yes, those are the Cliffs of Insanity! Inconceivable!

Ireland Tour Cliffs