The Washington Post: OTHER LIFE FORMS

Swipe right on the dating comedy ‘Other Life Forms’

The blind-date comedy “Other Life Forms” is an amiable getaway — cheerful, bouncy, and with a bright sci-fi twist that once upon a time might have earned writer Brandon McCoy a scriptwriting invitation from “Mork and Mindy” or “Third Rock From the Sun.”

McCoy isn’t blazing any new trails, but he’s earning his laughs in the brisk Keegan Theatre premiere directed by Shirley Serotsky. … Nifty visual touches include the sly UFO decor, innocent-looking posters and art such as the Grant Wood “American Gothic” parody with a Martian-faced farm couple in the frame. The wrinkle in the plot is that one of the play’s five characters — including a waiter (Aidan Quartana, amusingly diplomatic) who keeps popping into the action — is indeed an alien. Not saying who, but the performer in this role makes a lovely understated transition when the truth comes out.

McCoy brings the first act to a snappy finish … and gets on a nice roll through much of Act 2 (with Brianna Letourneau doing especially flexible work — sarcastic, dry, earnest — as Leslie). [McCoy’s] changing lanes from his usual role as an actor … It adds to the pleasure of a play like this to see a familiar artist successfully taking on a slightly alien form.