One thing leaps out right away at the Keegan Theatre’s production of “Bridges of Madison County”—this is one of the most gorgeously sung shows of the season. Led by the impeccable Susan Derry as Francesca Johnson and Dan Felton as Robert Kincaid, the music is at times transcendent. Derry sings with her usual power and clarity and makes those high notes sound easy, and Felton’s voice has a depth and resonance that makes his character come fully alive.

Derry’s and Felton’s voices also blend beautifully when they sing a duet; neither dominates the other, but there is a give and take in the singing that brings to life what their partnership could possibly have been in a different place with different responsibilities. Their duet at the end of Act 1, “Falling Into You” is show-stopping in its full, operatic glory.

And of the cast, two of the most delightful are the nosy neighbors, Marge and Charlie (played by Kathy Fuller and Paul Tonden). They are funny and sharp and show a surprising amount of grace and compassion in their interactions with their neighbors…

The cast is beautifully supported by a nine-piece orchestra under the direction of piano/conductor Elisa Rosman. … The music makes this show, and this cast sang the score beautifully. It is music made for voices with a wide range and all of them, and Derry and Felton, in particular, met and surpassed this bar with ease.