DC Metro Theater Arts: AS YOU LIKE IT

Adapted by the unparalleled Shaina Taub and Laurie Woolery and directed by Cara Gabriel and Josh Sticklin, Keegan Theatre’s As You Like It brings something fresh, current and exhilarating to this age-old but timeless Shakespearean text. It’s not only because the play is a contemporary musical complete with modern music, creative dancing, and genius set design, but because the cast’s humor, energy, and synergy make the Shakespearean romantic comedy so thrilling and so timely.

You probably know the story already. As You Like It has been around since roughly 1599—that’s about 420 years of reruns of the same show. So it’s both a happy coincidence and somewhat of a shock that one of the best versions is being put on in a small Dupont theatre during November of 2018.

A big reason why? The music and musical numbers, the fantastic acting (the entire ensemble was superb), and the quaint, simple-but-dynamic set.

The cast carries the play to excellence. Each main character sings, dances, and emotes. … It’s a meticulous play that spares no detail or expense, nor does it overlook any single word, note, quirk, dance move or fight scene. … This contemporary remix of Shakespeare’s classic is well worth your time.