Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA family production opens December 22

November 16, 2018:  The Keegan Theatre announces the cast and creative team for the delightful children’s classic, THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER, written by Kristin Walter. A Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA family production, THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER runs December 22- 30, 2018, at the Andrew Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC.  All performances are at 11:00 am and are sensory friendly. The press opening is December 23, 2018.

THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER features actors Jake Null (Eric, a shoemaker), Maggie Leigh Walker (Fiona, his wife), Emily Dwornik (Shannon, his daughter), Duane Richards (Peddler), Joe Baker (Herbie, an elf), and Debora Crabbe (Zuzu, an elf). Directed by Alexis J. Hartwick, the artistic team includes Jordan Clark Halsey (Assistant Director), Matthew J. Keenan (Scenic Designer), Dan Martin (Lighting Designer), Jake Null (Sound Designer), and Cindy Landrum Jacobs (Properties/Set Dressing Designer).

“This cast is very special because it features artists that Keegan patrons will recognize – but in new ways,” remarks production director and Keegan Director of Education and Administration Alexis J. Hartwick. “Jake Null is a Helen Hayes Award-winning musical director for Keegan, Joe Baker is a veteran of Keegan mainstage productions making his PRK debut, Emily Dwornik and Duane Richards are both PRK teaching artists, and Debora Crabbe is a Keegan newcomer currently starring as Rosalind in our mainstage production of AS YOU LIKE IT. We’re really bridging the Keegan and Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA families with this fun holiday offering for families.”

About the play: Eric, the lone shoemaker of Grimmsville, makes shoes that are miserably uncomfortable and impossible to walk in… leaving a lot of barefoot villagers and Eric without a means to provide for his family. While alone in the woods, his daughter Shannon is confronted by a stranger who offers her the deal of a lifetime: In exchange for her torturous pair of shoes, she is given a magical medallion that holds the charm of the elves. Wanting to help her family, Shannon tries the chant. Her words beckon a pair of elves that show up night after night at the shoemaker’s home creating the most fabulous shoes EVER! With his shoes now wanted throughout the land, Eric and his family have more gold than they can count. But they quickly begin to realize that all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily buy happiness.

Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA is the educational and family-focused arm of The Keegan Theatre, offering theatrical experiences for families and creative exploration for young people and emerging artists. This is Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA’s 7th production since launching in 2015 and part of Keegan Theatre’s 22nd season performing in Washington, DC.