A delightfully funny, sweet summer musical

“Oh. My. God.  Oh my god, you guys!” Keegan Theatre’s production of Legally Blonde is so over-the-top, fabulously fun – the perfect sweet treat on a sweltering DC summer evening. Director Ricky Drummond dials up the campiness with fun sight gags and asides to the audience, all played for laughs. Ashleigh King’s choreography is a delightful mix of showy “classic Broadway” dance numbers and, of course, an homage to the “bend and snap.”

Gabriella DeLuca, as Elle, is as charming as her film counterpart, but with more of a backbone – cute and perky, yes, but never silly or vapid. With a clear, strong soprano voice, DeLuca is never shrill and brings an impressive amount of stamina to the frenzied, exuberantly-paced production. Other stand outs in an overall impressive cast include Janine Sunday as Paulette, Elle’s friend and manicurist whose brash comedic style and spot-on “Southie” Boston accent kept the audience in stitches. Greg Watkins is delightfully pompous as Callahan, Elle’s “hands-on” professor, his voice gorgeously rich (and just slightly evil) in Blood in the Water.

Already into its second extension (until September 8) Legally Blonde is a true audience pleaser. Grab yourself a pink cocktail, practice your ‘bend and snap’ (works every time) and enjoy.