Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight

4x6 Postcard_TYSSPM_DRAFTAll of the couples are perfectly matched and Ackerman’s script seems to unite them with a common theme, value or trait. [Caroline] Wolfson and [Michael] Innocenti give heartfelt performances as their Nancy and Ben struggle to understand what went wrong. Both of their eyes contain a deep sense of loss…

Colin Smith’s direction keeps Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight pace fluid…The entire production is perfectly timed and there are no unnecessary or wasted moments.”

Now contrast that with the wonderfully wacky and eccentric performances of [Alison] Corke and [Peter] Finnegan who bring Grace and Gene’s animated relationship alive. Corke gives a spirited, no-holds-barred performance as Grace…Finnegan has the challenge of playing a character that has the opposing traits of being a hit man and mild-mannered lover. To make this work, Finnegan wisely has Gene compartmentalize the various factions of his life…

Finally that leaves [Kevin] Hasser and [Timothy] Lynch. They may not have the most lines in the play, but they deliver the biggest laughs of the evening. Lighting Designer Allan Weeks mischievously dims the lights for their entrance causing the audience to lean in, struggling to make out what’s happening only to be surprised by their actions…As Gene’s brother and Grace’s psychiatrist, Hasser gives Mark a demeanor of measured curiosity…Even though little is known about Mr. Abramson, Lynch wisely uses his character’s advanced age to act as a secondary psychiatrist to Hasser…

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