The Sunshine Boys

Sunshine Boys_4x6 postcardThe performances of Kevin Adams as Willie Clark and Timothy H. Lynch as Al Lewis are the highlight of this production. Together the on-stage chemistry they radiate is terrific and both seem to relish playing two such cantankerous old stars of yesteryear. Their Act I reunion and first rehearsal in Willie’s hotel suite was pure theater magic. While The Sunshine Boys is only a play, the electricity of Adams and Lynch make it seem as if they’ve been performing together for years as a real comedic team.

A lot of credit for the success of Keegan Theatre’s The Sunshine Boys must also be given to Director Michael Innocenti who has done a terrific job staging this production.”

Peter Finnegan gives an affectionate performance as Ben Silverman, Willie Clark’s long-suffering nephew, agent and caretaker. It’s Ben who pitches the television special to Willie, and is ultimately responsible for reuniting Lewis and Clark. Ben has to play straight-man to Willie for much of the play, but in Finnegan’s performance you see a nephew who really wants to give his uncle one last performing hurrah!

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