IRELAND TOUR BLOG: A Word from Lt. Galloway

1408801571038by Brianna Letourneau

This tour has been a “full circle” experience for me.

I studied at the Art Institute in Dun Laoghaire 7 years ago. There was an American theatre company that was following me around Ireland at the time- The Keegan Theatre’s production of Glengarry Glenn Ross directed by a Jeremy Skidmore.

I was going to be a senior at Catholic University. I never got to see the show as The Keegan was always one step behind me…but it planted the seed.

IMG_20140902_190314I went to the Galway Arts Festival 7 years ago and watched The Sunset Limited at The Town Hall Theatre starring Austin Pendleton. I thought “How amazing would it be to be an American company performing on this stage?”

That theatre company that I heard about last time I was in Ireland? I’m a company member now.

20140826_191659That director who was featured 7 years ago, Jeremy Skidmore, directed the production we bring to Ireland this time.

Town Hall Theatre:  I just performed there with our production of A Few Good Men.

Full Circle.

I have re-visited sites I have seen before. This time with new clarity and peace of mind as I have ventured into the next phase of my life. They fill me with the same awe but I see them with different eyes. The Cliffs, The Burren, Galway, the buskers, Trad Music, and the curry fries!

The next phase of our trip is new to me- between Cork, Mullingar, and Ennis, I look forward to new places, experiences, and memories.

IMG_20140902_190246One thing that hasn’t changed is the open arms of the Irish people and the kindness that we are greeted with almost universally.

Life is good.

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