An American Daughter

An American Daughter
May 7 – 28, 2016
Wendy Wasserstein
Brandon McCoy

Set in Washington, D.C., AN AMERICAN DAUGHTER focuses on Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes, a health care expert and forty-something daughter of a long-time Senator. When the President nominates Lyssa to a Cabinet post, an indiscretion from her past is discovered. The media turns it into a scandal that imperils her confirmation and divides her family and friends. Lyssa is forced to make a decision: continue to pursue the post and face an ugly Senate hearing; or decline the nomination, becoming a sacrificial lamb for the President. Partisan politics in our nation’s capital, however, are nothing compared to the personal politics in Lyssa’s living room, where complicated relationships unravel with her father, husband and her best girlfriend—not to mention the awkward encounters she has with an exuberant neo-feminist author and a relentless TV journalist.

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Marcie Cohen, Kiki Powers, Marge & John Bernbaum, Gail & Peter Hansen, Roberta & Greg Milman, Maggie Butler

The Washington Post Review

An American Daughter is a Clinton play, and the Keegan Theatre is extremely smart to be performing it right now…. The fury is as clear as I’ve ever seen it.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“Entertaining and insightful, the play echos timeless sentiments that are part of the bedrock of the country, and that resonate particularly now in this politic city.”

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Washington City Paper Review

“If you think the current nomination crisis lacks wit and candor, Wasserstein’s play provides just that.”

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DC Metro Theatre Arts Review

“Witty and fun, Keegan Theatre’s An American Daughter is a show you do not want to miss. With the elections surrounding us, this is a production that is so relevant.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“In Keegan’s snappy and trenchant production, Wasserstein’s script crackles with witty political repartee and cracks open two prominent women’s personal pain in a way that feels as up-to-the-minute as streaming news.”

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Lyssa Dent Hughes Susan Marie Rhea
Walter Abrahmson Mark Alan Rhea
Dr. Judith B. Kaufman Lolita Marie
Quincy Quince Brianna Letourneau
Morrow McCarthy Slice Hicks
Timber Tucker Michael Innocenti
Senator Alan Hughes Timothy H. Lynch
Charlotte Hughes Sheri S. Herren
Billy Josh Sticklin
Camera Crew  Kathleen Mason & Zach Norris

Production Team

Director Brandon McCoy
Assistant Director  Marie Sproul
Stage Manager Juliana Parks
Set Designer Matthew J. Keenan
Properties and Set Dressing Designer Carol Hood Baker
Sound Designer Tony Angelini
Costume Designer Alison Johnson
Production Assistant Nikki Hoffpauir
Hair and Makeup Designer Craig Miller
Assistant Stage Managers  Kathleen Mason & Zach Norris
Lighting Designer Colin Dieck
Photography Mike Kozemchak