Stones in His Pockets

September 23 - October 15, 2017
Marie Jones
Abigail Isaac Fine

In this wickedly funny tragicomedy, Jake and Charlie meet when working as extras on a big American movie being shot in Ireland. Charlie’s video shop in Ballycastle has gone bankrupt and Jake has returned to Kerry after a futile few years in the US. The movie is a wonderful break from worrying about their futures…until the harsh realities of rural life break through.

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Marcie Cohen, Todd K. Jones, Tricia Ferrone, Capital LifeWorks, Marie and Mercedes Matson

The Washington Post Review

“Keegan Theatre has put a nice polish on the 1990s Stones in His Pockets, Marie Jones’s two-person comedy about rural Irish townspeople coping with a big budget Hollywood film crew.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“The production is a veritable master class in acting. Keenan and Sticklin convincingly inhabit a myriad of roles…Stones in His Pockets may be a two-hander, but there is a mighty array of fingers on each hand.”

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Metro Weekly Review

“Keegan Theatre’s production, directed by Abigail Isaac Fine, delivers [playwright Marie] Jones’ dense chorale of notes and rhythms with exquisite precision.”

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Broadway World Review

“Director Abigail Isaac Fine has given audiences a worthy production of Jones’ famous play, perhaps the greatest sign of her talent being her ability to render the many shifts in character and location so seamless that the audience can’t help but go on the whole journey, nearly effortlessly.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“Engaging with warm-hearted humor and disarming in the depth of scenes about lost boys and bitter men with their dreams crushed, the Keegan Theatre production of the Marie Jones’ Stones in his Pockets (1999) is a winner of a serious comedy.”

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MD Theatre Guide Review

“Even though the play only has two actors, they play multiple different roles of various ages, genders and histories. This calls for extreme acting chops, and Keegan Theatre did not disappoint.”

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Jake Matthew J. Keenan
Josh Sticklin

Production Team

Director Abigail Isaac Fine
Stage Manager Aria Velz
Set Designer Matthew J. Keenan
Projection Designer G. Ryan Smith
Light Designer Megan Thrift
Sound Designer Dan Deiter
Set Dressing and Properties Designer Cindy Landrum Jacobs
Hair/Makeup Designer Craig Miller
Costume Designer Nitya Ramlogan
Dramaturg Clarke Whitehead