What We’re Up Against

What We're Up Against
September 24 – October 15, 2016
Theresa Rebeck
Susan Marie Rhea

Regional Premiere

A scathing, ferocious comedy about sexism in the workplace by one of today’s most acclaimed and provocative playwrights. Set in a highly competitive architecture firm, WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST takes an explosive look at the complicated battle of the sexes and one woman’s response when she tires of slamming into the glass ceiling.

Sponsored by
John and Margaret Hauge, Roberta and Greg Milman, Gail and Peter Hansen, Whitney and Jay Donaldson

The Washington Post Review

“Rebeck’s wrathful, foulmouthed script keeps the energy high, and at the small Keegan Theatre (which has the D.C. premiere of this 2011 play), director Susan Marie Rhea creates a bright, brisk production that nails the play’s most pivotal moments.”

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DCist Review

What We’re Up Against is the kind of zoomed-in, focused work that Keegan has always thrived on. It’s a show that proves that a theater does not have to lose its heart as it expands.”

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Broadway World Review

“If there ever was a show that captured the edginess of this election season, it’s Theresa Rebeck’s howler of a comedy, What We’re Up Against. In Susan Marie Rhea’s brilliant staging, Rebeck’s whip-smart sense of humor is on full display.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“Director Susan Marie Rhea does an excellent job orchestrating the pace and the humor. And her top-notch cast…makes every moment more fun than the one before it.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“‘They said it wasn’t like this anymore. Why is it still like this?’ That sobering question comes after scenes full of some of the funniest, sharpest-edge scripting, directing, and acting you’re likely to see in DC.”

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Eliza Brianna LeTourneau
Janice Carolyn Kashner
Weber Stephen Russell Murray
Ben Michael Innocenti
Stu Peter Finnegan

Production Team

Director Susan Marie Rhea
Assistant Director Lauren Miller
Stage Manager Alexis Hartwick
Light Designer Allan Sean Weeks
Set Designer Matthew J. Keenan
Properties and Set Dressing Designer Carol Hood Baker
Properties and Set Dressing Assistant Katrina Wiskup
Sound Designer Madeline Clamp
Costume Designer Alison Samantha Johnson
Hair and Makeup Designer Craig Miller