DC Theatre Scene: Spring Awakening Sweeps the Audience Choice Awards!

Keegan Theatre was the first local theater to stage the Tony-winning musical Spring Awakening, and, by last night, DC Theatre Scene voters had rewarded it for doing so by selecting both the musical and leads Ali Hoxie and Paul Scanlan as last season’s favorites in all the musical categories.

Audience Choice voters gave Spring Awakening nearly forty percent of the overall ballots…

Hoxie…played a bewildered teenage girl who blunders into pregnancy in Spring Awakening’s sexually-repressed 19th-century Germany.

Scanlan played Moritz, a young man whose inability to fulfill his father’s rigid intellectual demands leads to tragedy, in the Keegan production of Spring Awakening.

In addition to awarding Spring Awakening laurels as Favorite Musical, Audience Choice Award voters named it Favorite Ensemble as well…”

DCTS had high praise for Keegan’s Spring Awakening. “Keegan Theatre…presents a production which renders every ounce of Spring Awakening’s fabulous intention with truth and pizzazz, and, in the best sense of the word, does justice to the show,” the review noted, also observing that Hoxie “deserves our respect for making Wendla’s extraordinary progression plausible” and that Scanlan “embodies [his character] perfectly, from his bird’s-nest hairstyle…to his sudden, haunted movements.”

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