DC Theatre Scene: All My Sons

Susan Marie Rhea, Associate Artistic Director at Keegan, has done a masterful job of casting and staging All My Sons.

Kevin Hasser as Chris Keller, the primary son, stands at the center of the action. All the other characters have their turns upon the stage, but everyone orbits around Hasser and his bravura performance.

Kevin Adams as Chris’ father, Joe, matches Hasser stride for stride throughout the unveiling of the various plot turns, and it is his pretense above all that Miller strips away leaving a thoroughly defeated and humiliated shell of a man.

Perhaps the most difficult role is that of Chris’ mother, Kate, superbly portrayed by Sheri S.Herren. Herren is blessed with a compelling stage presence which she uses artfully and with impeccable timing.

Brianna Letourneau and Bradley Foster Smith…demonstrate an equal acumen for drama in their portrayal of the childhood neighbors, Ann and her brother, George.

Peter Finnegan turns in a very nice performance in an outsized cameo role as the doctor next door who seems to drop by at all the wrong moments. Cate Brewer, Michael Innocenti and Allison Corke round out the ensemble in minor roles that slide seamlessly in and out of the action…

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