DC Metro Theater Arts: Cabaret

caberet-69-EditWhat I witnessed this night was a production that was absolutely breathtaking because it was less about flashy set pieces and intense lighting – and more focused on the amazing talents of every member of the outstanding cast – all working together to tell the story of Clifford Bradshaw’s visit to Berlin.

Paul Scanlan delivers another standout and powerful performance as the Emcee and his mesmerizing performance of the eery “I Don’t Care Much” is a tour de force. Maria Rizzo’s performance of the vulnerable Sally Bowles runs the gamut of every emotion and her powerful rendition of the title song “Cabaret”- without makeup or a wig…

Bradley Foster Smith’s Clifford Bradshaw has the right combination of optimism, naiveté, and confusion, while Jane Petkosky’s motherly Fraulein Schneider is introduced to the audience in ‘So What’ and then exudes toughness and desperation in the heartbreaking “What Would You Do?” She and Stan Shulman are a delight when singing “It Couldn’t Please Me More”.

Co-Directors and Keegan Theatre Company members Christina A. Coakley and Michael Innocenti do an excellent job telling story of Cabaret and bringing the audience face-to-face to the world of 1930?s Berlin.

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