ShowBizRadio: Cabaret

caberet-69-EditAs a whole, the production delicately and professionally finds the balance between presentational and representational theatre…This production honors the musical’s episodic nature better than any production of Cabaret I’ve seen thus far.

[Michael] Innocenti’s scant set design beautifully showcases the Church Street space’s skeletal and bricked interior, immediately creating the deliciously seedy effect that the Kit Kat Klub emanates…and Jake Null’s sound design is well-placed and unobtrusive.

Paul Scanlan was mesmerizing to watch as the Emcee. He simultaneously charmed and disgusted the audience by switching between charismatic entertainer and twisted pervert.

Maria Rizzo’s performance as Sally Bowles was inspiring as she sporadically went from effervescent performer to wry alcoholic with a tragicomic whimsy.

Bradley Foster Smith’s performance of the optimistic and wide-eyed Cliff was a breath of fresh air.

Jane Petkofsky was radiant as Fräulein Schneider. Stan Shulman’s performance as Herr Schultz may have been the most charming thing about this production.