DC Theatre Scene: The Woman in Black

Woman In Black, Production-395[Robert] Leembruggen’s performance is devastating. Watch his face as The Actor reenacts his past – it is happening all over again. [Matthew] Keenan is convincing and charming, providing much appreciated comic relief in the beginning and rattling our cores with one horrid realization at the end of the play. But no spoilers here. The wrong actors in these roles might have turned the plot into a melodrama. Leembruggen and Keenan are both seasoned performers, and both played their roles with subtly.

The Keegan Theatre is halfway to its goal of $4 million to begin renovations. While certainly worthy of a top-tier facility, the old squeaking seats and frigid air match the chilling and unsettling action onstage. Unintentional pairing, but effective.”

Woman In Black, Production-271The combination of Michael Innocenti’s lighting and Tony Angelini’s sound clips of shrill screams and flashbacks visually and aurally transport the audience into a horror film. I had expected suspense à la Hitchcock but left afraid to sleep with the lights out. Innocenti and Angelini make this production. Thanks for the nightmares.

The Keegan Theatre’s production of The Woman in Black is teeth-chattering terrifying.  Colin Smith and Mark A. Rhea’s vision extends beyond inducing screams…These horrors are too real and devastating to be relayed – you’ll have to go see them for yourself.

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