ShowBizRadio: The Woman in Black

Woman In Black, Production-274With two superb performances by Matthew Keenan and Robert Leembruggen, [The Woman in Black] embraces the play’s innovative style. Furthermore, the haunting light and sound designs by Michael Innocenti and Tony Angelini, respectively, make for a spine-tingling and sometimes whimsical adventure that will leave you begging for more.

Keenan is as charming as he is convincing when playing Kipps’ younger self. He negotiates seamlessly between his role as the young solicitor, the story’s narrator, and as Kipps’ acting coach.”

Colin Smith’s set design immediately transports the audience into a sparsely dressed Victorian playhouse which mirrors perfectly as the haunted home. Like many of Keegan’s past productions, The Woman in Black makes brilliant use of the theater’s red brick walls — it creates an intimate environment that is absolutely necessary for a play of this kind. Even the theater’s dusty smell completely immerses the audience into the world of the play.

Special recognition goes to Leembruggen who plays each townsperson with professional distinction. His performance, in particular, makes the narrative all the more clearer.”

Woman In Black, Production-271The lighting design, with its use of exaggerated shadows and intense front lights, is reminiscent of the film noir style. Finally, the sound design is what makes this ghost story so terrifying…Angelini’s sound design creates an eerie atmosphere that would make film directors like James Wan and Dario Argento proud.

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