Broadway World: The Woman in Black

Woman In Black, Production-395Both of the actors are superb, in no uncertain terms. Matthew Keenan, although an actor himself, plays the confident and didactic Actor with ease and clarity…he does his best to tell a story-the story of Mr. Kipps-and emulates the emotions possibly felt by the man throughout his journey.

Robert Leembruggen’s heart melting performance was seamless. He played many other characters throughout the play, although he too had to play these characters as if Mr. Kipps were actually the one being these characters. The pain and sorrow that laced with each character was especially poignant.

Woman In Black, Production-271Michael Innocenti, the lights designer, uses lights to tell the story that the actors cannot fully tell alone…However, some of the best lighting moments were when there were hardly any lights at all, and the only things that we and the Actor could see as he walked around the haunted mansion and imagined grounds of Eel Marsh were in the small beam of a flashlight.

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