The Keegan Theatre Presents Air Guitar Comedy AIRNESS


DC Premiere Opens November 8

October 15, 2019: The Keegan Theatre presents the Washington, DC premiere of Chelsea Marcantel’s new comedy AIRNESS, opening November 8 and running through November 30, 2019 at The Andrew Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC. AIRNESS is directed by Keegan company member Christina A. Coakley and is co-produced with 1st Stage of Tysons, VA. The press opening is on Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

About AIRNESS: Prepare to have your face melted by the likes of Shreddy Eddy, Golden Thunder, and the reigning champ, D Vicious. In this joyful comedy, which premiered at the prestigious Humana Festival in 2017, professional Air Guitar competitions provide the backdrop for a marvelous cast of characters. When Nina, a real guitar player, wanders into a bar to compete, she soon discovers that there’s more to this art form than playing pretend…

“Unmitigated pleasure… filled with dignity and delight.” — Chicago Reader

“The most fun you will dhave at the theater this year … to call this play a ‘crowd pleaser’ is a drastic understatement.” — Insider Louisville

“In a word, dazzling … the most talked-about production of this year’s Humana Festival.” — LEO Weekly

The AIRNESS cast features actors Billie Krishawn, Dani Stoller, Drew Kopas, Harrison Smith, Chris Stezin, Gary L. Perkins III, and Forrest A. “The Fahking Rockr” Hainline IV. The creative team includes Jessica Redish (Choreography) Sydney Moore (Costume Design), Cindy Landrum Jacobs (Properties/Set Dressing Design), Matthew J. Keenan (Set Design), Kenny Neal (Sound Design), Evin Howell (Assistant Director), John Alexander (Lighting Design), Nitsan Scharf (Projections Design), Amanda Horne (Stage Manager), Deb Crerie (Dramaturg), Gabrielle Busch (Assistant Stage Manager), Julia Harris (Dramaturgy Intern), Doug “The Thunder” Stroock (Air Guitar Consultant), and Jaime Ibacache (“There” Guitar Consultant).

“AIRNESS is an exciting new work by Chelsea Marcantel, and we’re honored to be able to bring this production to audiences on both sides of the Potomac,” says director Christina A. Coakley. “In collaborating with 1st Stage of Tysons, we’re providing a greater value to our patrons, as the artistic talents and materials that go into producing one show can now have a greater reach. I am thrilled to be working with Jessica Redish, who recently choreographed The Smashing Pumpkins’ International Tour and is the recipient of the 2017 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Choreography. With so much in our lives and world right now that is both terrifying and appalling, Marcantel gives us a respite. Her window into this hidden world reveals how ordinary life can be transformed with a great hook, a little spandex, and a lot of heart.”

This is Keegan Theatre’s 23rd season performing in Washington, DC.