All My Sons

Under the commendable direction of Susan Marie Rhea, the tensions between the characters simmer slowly and then suddenly explode when all involved must face current and past realities…

As patriarch Joe Keller, Kevin Adams is the very definition of a classic family man. He has an incredible acting moment when he finally realizes the business decision he made so many years ago had many more life/death consequences than he previously considered.

Kevin Hasser (as Chris Keller)…has a touching chemistry with his parents (including Sheri S. Herren who gives a quite good performance as “every mom” Kate Keller) and his lover throughout the play…

Brianna Letourneau’s sweet, innocent and charming take on Anne Deevers is also one of the main reasons why this production works. Letourneau internalizes the not-so-obvious complexities of her ingénue character, but at the same time allows the audience to immediately understand who she is as a person…

Mark Johnson’s appropriate, yet impressive and expansive set (complete with a white picket fence) reminds the audience that the story takes place in a non-descript yard/house in “any town” America… Erin Nugent’s costumes are time-period appropriate and also reflect the characters’ small town roots and modest means. Tony Angelini’s sound design, Stephanie P. Freed’s lighting design, and Matt Rippetoe’s original music are minimal, yet professional and contribute to the mood of the piece.

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