book by Alfred Uhry
music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
directed by Christina A. Coakley and Susan Marie Rhea
music directed by Jake Null
choreographed by Rachel Leigh Dolan

Extended to April 15!  

The tragic, true story of the trial and lynching of a Jewish man wrongly accused of murder. A rich and intricate score by Jason Robert Brown, and a book by Alfred Uhry that delves fearlessly into the complexities of early 20th century social relationships in the South. A musical of profound depth and beauty.

“Brilliant yet terrifying, filled with complex themes elucidated with the clarity of a white-hot spotlight aimed at center stage… one of the most thrilling evenings of a theater-lover’s lifetime.” – Christian Science Monitor

Reviews and Press for the Show

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MAR 11 – APR 15, 2017

Thu-Sat at 7:30 pm
Sun at 3:00 pm


Runtime: 2:45 including one 15-minute intermission




Sponsored artists indicated with Star

The Cast

Leo Frank Michael Innocenti*Sponsored*
Lucille Frank Eleanor J. Todd*Sponsored*
Jim Conley Malcolm Lee*Sponsored*
Mary Phagan Cassie Cope
Frankie Epps Ricky Drummond*Sponsored*
Hugh Dorsey James Finley*Sponsored*
Governor John Slaton Timothy Hayes Lynch*Sponsored*
Tom Watson Chad Wheeler*Sponsored*
Judge Roan / Old Soldier Chris Gillespie
Mrs. Phagan Ava Silva*Sponsored*
Britt Craig / Young Soldier Harrison Smith*Sponsored*
Minola (“Minnie”) McKnight / Angela Ashley K. Nicholas*Sponsored*
Newt Lee Patrick M. Doneghy
Luther Rosser John Loughney*Sponsored*
Riley Carl Williams*Sponsored*
Iola Stover Molly Janiga*Sponsored*
Monteen Hillary Thelin
Essie Retta Laumann
Sally Slaton Jennifer Lyons Pagnard
Townswoman Caroline Wolfson*Sponsored*

Swings/Understudies: John Loughney (Leo), Caroline Wolfson (Lucille), Carl Williams (Jim), Retta Laumann (Mary), Brice Guerriere (Frankie / Britt), Wyn Delano (Dorsey / Rosser / Watson), Jennifer Lyons Pagnard (Mrs. Phagan), Tokia Carter (Minnie / Angela), Malcolm Lee (Newt / Riley), Ashby Florence (Monteen / Iola / Essie), Ava Silva (Sally)

The Production Team

Directors Susan Marie Rhea & Christina A. Coakley*Sponsored*
Music Director Jake Null
Choreographer Rachel Leigh Dolan
Stage Manager Nikki Hoffpauir*Sponsored*
Assistant Stage Managers Jenny Rubin & Karinn Cologne
Scenic Designer Matthew J. Keenan
Lighting Designer
Colin Dieck
Hair and Make Up Designer
Craig Miller
Set Dressing and Properties Designers
Gadgetgrlz, Deb Crerie & Kay Rzasa
Properties and Set Dressing Assistant Katrina Wiskup
Costume Designer Sydney Moore
Costume & Hair Assistant Shannon Marie Sheridan
Sound Designer Gordon Nimmo-Smith
Sound Engineer William Wacker
Dramaturg Lauren Miller
Photography Cameron Whitman

Star In Good Company Sponsors

Production Sponsors

Marcie Cohen

Director Sponsors

Ed and Bonne Abner sponsoring Christina Coakley

Artist Sponsors

Tim Lynch sponsoring Lighting Equipment

Laurie and Mark Buck sponsoring Timothy H. Lynch
Gail and Peter Hansen sponsoring Ashley Nicholas
Holly Hassett sponsoring Malcolm Lee
Holly Hassett sponsoring James Finley
Holly Hassett sponsoring Chad Wheeler
Holly Hassett sponsoring John Loughney
Roberta and Gregory Milman sponsoring Michael Innocenti
Wendy Potter sponsoring Molly Janiga
Johnny Boland sponsoring Harrison Smith
Jon Fector sponsoring Ricky Drummond
Kevin Doyle sponsoring Carl Williams
Twodeep Fan sponsoring Tokia Carter
Tess Tepper sponsoring Caroline Wolfson
Jake Whirlie sponsoring Wyn Delano
Chris Sundlof sponsoring Ava Silva
Ingrid Rose sponsoring Eleanor Todd
Tricia Ferrone, Capital LifeWorks sponsoring Nikki Hoffpauir

Props and Equipment Sponsors

Marie and Mercedes Matson sponsoring Props and Equipment

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