The Lonesome West

The Lonesome West
August 6 – 27, 2016
Martin McDonagh
Mark A. Rhea

2 brothers + 1 inheritance = lots of misbehaving. In this dark Irish comedy written by the Academy Award Winning Writer/Director of IN BRUGES, 2 brothers in rural Ireland squabble over the inheritance left by their recently deceased father. Also, there’s a rumor about town that one of them may have murdered the father over a haircut related insult. The local parish priest and a young girl from the community, also their bootleg whiskey supplier, attempt to keep the brothers from quarreling with hilarious results.

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Wall Street Journal Review

“This production, directed by Mark A. Rhea, the Keegan’s founder, leaves nothing whatsoever to be desired. It’s serious when it needs to be and funny the rest of the time, and the members of the cast make music out of Mr. McDonagh’s raucous dialogue.”

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Broadway World Review

“Mark A. Rhea has assembled a stellar cast … Keegan Theatre’s production of The Lonesome West should be truly satisfying, especially now that the dog days of summer are upon us.”

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MD Theatre Guide Review

“In this production, Rhea and his cast manage to conjure up a story that is both viscerally authentic and hyperbolically maddening at the same time. “

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The Washington Post Review

“It’s misbehavior rendered amusingly in the Keegan Theatre’s lively staging of the play, which features Bradley Foster Smith and a fine Matthew J. Keenan as, respectively, Valene and Coleman.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“With Keegan Theatre’s production of The Lonesome West, you’ll either find yourself laughing at oozing bullet-holes and guillotined doggy ears or you’ll turn to drink, the hard stuff and plenty of it.”

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Magic Time Review

“Director Mark A. Rhea paces each round with knockout punch. Keenan and Smith play high-risk foils as if on a high-tension high wire. And Casey Kaleba tightly stages each fight with a startling mix of hostility and silliness … The Lonesome West is a fantastic ride.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

The Lonesome West is at bottom a character study, and Keenan and Smith create two characters so delicious in their detestability that you will be a long time forgetting them.”

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A Beast in a Jungle Review

“The play wraps up the company’s 19th season — it was my first visit to the surprisingly comfortable theater off Dupont Circle, but it won’t be the last. See it.”

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Washington City Paper Review

“The Irish-focused Keegan Theatre’s sublime new production of The Lonesome West affirms yet again the behavioral insight that makes McDonagh’s casually hard-hearted work so hard to dismiss.”

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Valene Bradley Foster Smith
Coleman Matthew Keenan
Father Welsh Chris Stezin
Girleen Sarah Chapin

Production Team

Director Mark A. Rhea
Assistant Director Josh Sticklin
Scenic Designer Matthew Keenan
Lighting Designer 
Colin Dieck
Sound Designer Tony Angelini
Costume Designer Erin Nugent
Hair and Make Up Designer 
Craig Miller
Set Dressing and Properties Designer 
Carol H. Baker
Properties and Set Dressing Assistant Katrina Wiskup