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DC Metro Theatre Arts: Twelve Angry Men

With its simple and effective set – a long table and twelve chairs with some water – The Keegan Theatre’s Twelve Angry Men has a cast filled with exceptional actors and crisp direction by Christopher Gallu.

Washingtonian: Twelve Angry Men

We never see the defendant, never learn the jurors’ names, never leave that crowded table. But…this play works, it still manages to feel intensely personal and intimate, its hold stretching beyond the trial at hand.

Washingtonian: Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Decades before Saturday Night Live, Caesar and company were inventing political sketch comedy. The writers faced network pressures to dumb down the show, as well as a growing right-wing political climate fueled by Senator Joe McCarthy. Laughter on the 23rd Floor is based on Simon’s 30 Rock–esque experiences on the show.

Washington City Paper: Laughter on the 23rd Floor

An extended act of hero worship masquerading as a laff riot, Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor is filled with one-liners, peopled entirely by folks who either write or want to write jokes…

ShowBizRadio: Laughter on the 23rd Floor

It will undoubtedly make you laugh–and also think a little, too. The production has that certain “I don’t know what” about it that one always hopes to have at the theatre.

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