Kevin Adams

The Washington Post: The Sunshine Boys
Ever hear of Lewis and Clark? Not the explorers, the vaudeville team.
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MD Theatre Guide: The Sunshine Boys their production of [The Sunshine Boys], Keegan Theatre is able to adeptly capture the...
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DC Theatre Scene: The Sunshine Boys
The Sunshine Boys, now playing at the Keegan Theatre, reflects on a golden age of...
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...the Keegan Theatre's production of The Sunshine Boys is an enjoyable evening out and worth...
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DC Metro Theater Arts: The Sunshine Boys
Do you like to laugh? If you don’t, you should probably see a doctor about...
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PRESS RELEASE: The Sunshine Boys
The Keegan Theatre presents Neil Simon's classic comedy, The Sunshine Boys, opening September 28 at...
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BWW Reviews: A Few Good Men
Jeremy Skidmore and the actors at Keegan Theatre are reason enough to head to Church...
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Magic Time!: A Few Good Men
...The Keegan Theatre’s fresh new Few Good Men is the most relevant and resonant theater...
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DC Metro Theater Arts: A Few Good Men
A Few Good Men at The Keegan Theater is a remarkable production. Be sure to...
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DC Theatre Scene: An Irish Carol
Not your father's Christmas Carol.
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Overall, this is one of Keegan’s strongest straight play productions in recent years. It’s highly...
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MD Theatre Guide: All My Sons
Assembling an all-star, stellar team, director Susan Marie Rhea breathes new life into a sixty-five...
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